The Backstory

My name is Matt Hall. I am a late-20's UNC alumni living in Richmond, VA with my fiancée Casey and our dog Marple. I am a software consultant during the workday and an avid beer drinker, woodworker, and lover of the outdoors anytime otherwise. I have enjoyed working with my hands from a young age, likely due to a craft-inclined mother and a construction industry father. Though I've been building things for many years now, I have more recently delved into the finer aspects of the craft of woodworking. As it turns out, my obsessive attention to detail is a perfect fit for this pursuit!

Made Honest Woodworks is a vehicle for me to ideate and create with purpose; honing my skills, making fine furniture, and having some fun along the way. The objects I make are not and will not be flawless, but every one is designed, crafted, and finished with two goals in mind: to be a piece that I can be proud to have made and one that someone else can be proud to own.